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2020 now has a sad twist to it due to COVID19. People that were so hopeful and goal-driven for the year now sit at home, literally to save their lives. I and the Cura Network team extend our deepest sympathies to all those who have lost loved ones to this pandemic. 

Companies and businesses of all sizes have been affected and people are losing their jobs. The wave also hit sporting events, entertainment, learning and places of worship.  But one sector is left untouched; healthcare.

The healthcare sector has been doing an extraordinary series of impressive deeds. We deeply appreciate the continuous efforts of our health providers and agencies in striving to curb the spread of the disease and aiding those already infected to full recovery. 

How we’re responding at Cura network

To help employees stay at home and still continue working, we are now working remotely. The life of every human is important. We have made the provisions available for every employee of Cura Network to, first of all, adapt to the current trend of events and secondly work from anywhere they are located.

There are lots of fake news circulating out there to instill fear and panic in people. We are utilizing all of our existing public platforms, especially our social media as channels of effective communication about the awareness of COVID19. To ensure we are sharing the right information.  NCDC (Nigeria Centre for Disease Control), WHO (World Health Organization), and other health agencies are our sources of information about COVID19.

What We Have Done To Help

To enable Nigerians to know their COVID19 risk level and help them get in touch directly with medical experts, we came up with a userfriendly web tool. With the tool, users can take a short self-assessment test that evaluates their level of exposure to COVID19. Users with a high risk of COVID19 can reach out to medical doctors on the platform.

See the tool here

These medical experts are certified and are volunteers willing to do their best in aiding those who reach out to them via the platform. Our solution will also be presenting accurate statistics on the pandemic (from NCDC and WHO). We will also be keeping Nigerians up to date with information on isolation and test centers in the country.

We have also taken it upon us to provide healthy and engaging content as regards Guidelines encompassing FAQs, terminologies and more about the pandemic.

We are optimistic

Man has the natural ability to adapt and to survive. The effect of this pandemic is global which means that we are together in this, we are connected.

World leaders, Presidents, International Organisations, like WHO, are tirelessly working together in collaboration with numerous Health providers in tackling this global pandemic. Medical supplies, personal protective equipment are in circulation as much as they are available. Philanthropic acts are happening especially in locations with a high outbreak of the disease. Information pertaining to the virus is disclosed 24/7 to empower us in preventing the spread. There have been lots of recovery cases. Thousands of infected people have recovered and discharged worldwide.

Yes, there is hope. Let us do our part, let us do the needful. Observe social distancing, Stay at home (watch movies on Netflix, play video games, play board games, learn a skill online if you can, cultivate new good habits, find a way to help others that do not have much, and provide useful information that can help the general public and authorities).

Wash your hands and sanitize regularly, do not self medicate, do not spread fake news, self-isolate or reach out for medical assistance if you are not feeling well.

everyone can help

Truth be told, the authorities cannot do this all by themselves. They need our help as well. And the best way to support them is by effectively following the guidelines given to us. If we do this, sooner than later, life and work, as usual, will resume. 

When this pandemic is over, we will all have a greater appreciation for healthy living and hygiene. As well as an appreciation for the role health care providers play in keeping us alive.

We are already conquering COVID19, we won’t give up.

With great hope and optimism

David Uadiale.

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