Can You Trust Your Health Records to a Distributed Storage System?


Can You Trust Your Health Records to a Distributed Storage System?

Imagine there are 10 million cabinets in an office, each cabinet is owned and controlled by different employees. The employees volunteered their cabinets to be used. All information coming into the office are duplicated for the 10 million cabinets and sent to be stored there. The owners of the cabinets read the documents for verification and correctness and store them after confirming that the documents are intact and the same as those sent to other cabinets at a particular time.

Information can easily be obtained from the office from any cabinet. This way, there is the speed of operation as the nearest cabinet can be accessed and the files obtained and used, with the assurance that it’s the same everywhere.

With this arrangement, one employee is not in complete control of all the information that comes into the office, one employee cannot successfully falsify records because he will have to access all the records from the 10 million cabinets and falsify them as well. Making it very hard (if not impossible) for there to be a data breach. Information in this office is therefore secure and safe, free from attacks and breaches.

This is exactly what the blockchain network is. In this network, there is no central server for storing data, instead, data is stored on millions of nodes (this is just a big word for computer, and other electronic devices), all over the world. These nodes are voluntarily added to the network by the owners. Data are organized into groups known as block and stored in the network such that subsequent information blocks are linked to the previous ones. Therefore, the name blockchain; a chain of blocks.

Information stored in this network are permanent; they cannot be tampered with. Any attempt to change data will require that the attacker changes all the data copies in all the nodes. Data in the blockchain are encrypted, this means they are organized and changed into a confusing set of numbers and alphabets that only a specialized software can understand and interpret.

A healthcare system, built on the blockchain will, therefore, be safe and secure from attack. Your health records cannot be accessed or changed without your consent.

At Cura Network, we’re building a global decentralized healthcare system to give your data the security that it deserves to ensure your health is maintained and sustained. Using cutting edge blockchain technology, we’re building a single source of truth for your health records; this will give you control of your health history and make them accessible, anywhere and anytime by anyone with your consent.

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