Cura Network- We Never Left, But We’re Back


After pulling the plugs on our ICO campaign in May 2019, (read the announcement we published on Medium to learn why we ended our ICO campaign as well as announcements on going on exchange) we embarked on another campaign of intensive re-branding- that saw many things leave, and a number of new things added to Cura Network.

To re-position our brand as ICO-free, we redesigned our website, www.curanetwork .co; to communicates our product and value proposition outside of the ICO sphere. We have a new brand logo and a more robust and skilled team of developers and designers working on our product.

The re-branding also helped us re-evaluate our product, the value we are bringing into the market, and design a more promising future for the healthcare industry. Cura Network will now incorporate more features, utilizing the power of artificial intelligence for predictive diagnosis, and more that we’ll be rolling out to you in our subsequent posts.

Our management team has been re-branded as well (nothing was spared in the re-branding) and we’re more than equipped to roll out a solution that will change the healthcare industry as we know it.

We’re still working to use the blockchain as a game-changing tool in global healthcare and still on track to build a decentralized healthcare system.

We’ll be rolling out new documentation- describing what we do- and regular updates on our developments.

Our social media channels are still up and will be more active now than ever. Visit our new site, contact our support team with your questions. We’re more than eager to have a chat with you.

We apologize for the silence since our last post in May, it was inevitable. We’re still on track to go on exchange, and work on our platform is still in full force.

You’ll be hearing more from us henceforth. We invite you to follow us across our various social media platforms and engage with our content.





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A global decentralized healthcare system, that provides a plethora of features that guarantees the safety, privacy, and accessibility of health records globally. We are bringing patients, health specialists and health providers together to collaborate for faster and more efficient healthcare delivery in a secure environment.

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