5 Ways AI Can Reduce Cost in Healthcare


The US is the biggest global spender in healthcare but this didn’t translate to them having the best healthcare delivery system in the world. Countries like Canada and Germany; who spend less in healthcare, are doing a better job than the US. Why more spending does not translate to better healthcare According to an OECD estimate on wasteful spending in healthcare, 20% of global healthcare...

Can You Trust Your Health Records to a Distributed Storage System?


Can You Trust Your Health Records to a Distributed Storage System? Imagine there are 10 million cabinets in an office, each cabinet is owned and controlled by different employees. The employees volunteered their cabinets to be used. All information coming into the office are duplicated for the 10 million cabinets and sent to be stored there. The owners of the cabinets read the documents for...

What Are ICO Bounties?


Prince John was annoyed at the insolence of Robin Hood (who robbed him, pretending as a fortune teller), and offered a price for whoever brings him his head. This was in the 1973 Walt Disney movie, Robin Hood. The money he placed on Robin Hood’s head is called a “bounty”. I believe with the references above, you already know or have an idea of what a bounty is. A bounty is a reward given to a...


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