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Frequently asked questions on covid-19


In this post, you’ll get answers to your pressing questions about COVID-19. If an in-depth study of the answers here would interest you, we also linked to other useful resources, Super-spreader, PUI, SARS-CoV2. Do these words confuse you? Check out Cura Network’s post on COVID-19 terminologies. What is a coronavirus Coronaviruses are a family of disease-causing viruses in animals...



Our heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones to COVID-19. And to those who are currently infected with the disease, we pray that you recover on time to join us in this fight. In his letter to our employees, partners and worldwide audience (see the letter at the bottom) the CEO of Cura Network; David Uadiale, called on everyone to join in the fight by doing all they can to do. In his words...

A MESSAGE FROM Cura network CEO, David uadiale: LET US KEEP HOPE ALIVE


2020 now has a sad twist to it due to COVID19. People that were so hopeful and goal-driven for the year now sit at home, literally to save their lives. I and the Cura Network team extend our deepest sympathies to all those who have lost loved ones to this pandemic.  Companies and businesses of all sizes have been affected and people are losing their jobs. The wave also hit sporting events...


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