Cura Network- We Never Left, But We’re Back


After pulling the plugs on our ICO campaign in May 2019, (read the announcement we published on Medium to learn why we ended our ICO campaign as well as announcements on going on exchange) we embarked on another campaign of intensive re-branding- that saw many things leave, and a number of new things added to Cura Network. To re-position our brand as ICO-free, we redesigned our website, www...

Research Institutions Can Boast of Better results with the Blockchain


When Satoshi Nakamoto launched the first blockchain network in 2009, he barely knew the power and potential of what he created. Artificial intelligence, internet of things, cloud computing and the blockchain are the 4 technologies that will shape our future. The Blockchain is at the center of this, and this is how. IoT and the millions of devices collecting information on your health (Medical...

Do You Deserve Better Healthcare?


You visit a hospital for medical complaints, you’re made to carry out a series of tests. You undergo these tests, you’re diagnosed, treated and given prescriptions, you pay and go. This is the picture of a typical healthcare procedure. what is wrong with this procedure? Can you spot any fault in it? I bet you don’t, but there are tons of them. First, let’s agree on some facts. The information...


A global decentralized healthcare system, that provides a plethora of features that guarantees the safety, privacy, and accessibility of health records globally. We are bringing patients, health specialists and health providers together to collaborate for faster and more efficient healthcare delivery in a secure environment.