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Super-spreader, PUI, SARS-CoV2. Do these words confuse you? Understand COVID-19 by understanding the common words used when COVID-19 is talked about. Contact tracing This refers to everything that is done to identify and monitor individuals who may have had any form of contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 as a means of controlling the spread of the disease.  Contagious Something...

Frequently asked questions on covid-19


In this post, you’ll get answers to your pressing questions about COVID-19. If an in-depth study of the answers here would interest you, we also linked to other useful resources, Super-spreader, PUI, SARS-CoV2. Do these words confuse you? Check out Cura Network’s post on COVID-19 terminologies. What is a coronavirus Coronaviruses are a family of disease-causing viruses in animals...


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