This article contains 7 COVID-19 myths that traveled faster than the disease. 

We followed each COVID-19 myths with the fact and a little piece of advice on what you should do to stay safe.

We found myth #6 most deadly. 

Which of these myths did you fall for?

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NOTE: This is not a guide to COVID-19, a frequently asked questions or a terminologies post. 

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This is why these COVID-19 myths are dangerous

Fake news spread fast.

If not mitigated, they can cause more harm than the disease.

For example, the rumour going around that SAR-COV2 (the virus that caused COVID-19) was created in a lab in China (myth #2 in this article). 

Imagine the nature of hatred and attack the Chinese staying abroad will suffer because of this.

What should you expect from this article on COVID-19 myths?

After reading this article, you’ll know the truth of these 7 deadly myths, and why we consider them more deadly than COVDI-19.

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You’ll be saving a life. 

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7 Deadly COVID-19 myths you must avoid (and the facts) 

Myths 1: The 5G Network spreads SARS-COV2

The fact: 

Viruses do not travel on Radio waves. 

One of the strongest reasons people who spread this COVID-19 myth hold dear to their heart is that Wuhan was one of the first cities in China to trial the 5G network.

But when you consider that other countries without the 5G network were also heavily hit makes you question this.

a network mast or antenna sending COVID-19 virus-Top 7 COVID-19 myths

A  2011 paper proved that bacteria communicate through electromagnetic waves. 

This is the flaw of this argument. SAR-COV2 is a virus, not a bacterium.

Read this instead

Read the true health implication of the 5G network in this post, Is 5G technology bad for our health?

Myths 2: SARS-COV2 was created in a laboratory in China.

The fact: 

SARS-COV2 was not created in (neither did it escape from) a laboratory in China. 

There are currently 7 coronaviruses that affect humans, and none was made in a lab.

This is why this COVID-19 myth is dear to the heart of those spreading it.

It is always easy to believe that a group of persons are out to get us. We feel safer and more like the good guys.

But there has not been any official statement to confirm that this virus was created in a laboratory.

a scientist in a laboratory working- COVID-19-Top 7 COVID-19 myths

Read this instead: 

This post on Medical News Today explains why SARS-COV2 could not be a man-made virus, but more of a mutated strain of a virus.

Myths 3:  Antibiotics can cure COVID-19

The fact: 

COVID-19 is cursed by a virus, not a bacteria or fungi. So an antibiotic can not cure COVID-19.

This blows this COVID-19 myth ‘outta’ the waters.

According to Dr. Barry, Antibiotics cannot destroy viruses because they specifically target the machinery found in bacteria. 

Since viruses do not contain any of this machinery, the antibiotic does not have a target to attack.

COVID-19 virus shielded against antibiotics-19-Top 7 COVID-19 myths

Put it simply, antibiotics are designed to attack a particular structure of the organism.

But because viruses have different structures than bacteria the antibiotics simply ignore it. 

And maybe say hi (if it is a sunny day).

Do this instead: 

If you fear you might be infected with COVID-19, do not go about self-medicating with antibiotics.

Isolate yourself, and reach out to your state CDC via their hotline. You can find the state hotline for every state in Nigeria here

Myths 4; You can protect yourself from COVID-19 by drinking alcohol, drinking or spraying your skin with bleach

The fact: 

Doing any of the above can not protect you from COVID-19

Bleach, alcohol, and chlorine can disinfect surfaces. But they do not have the same effect once they enter your body. 

They attack your body tissues and cause serious damage to your internal organs.

a bottle of bleach and alcohol. A sprayer and half-filled glass-19-Top 7 COVID-19 myths

Do this instead:

Follow simple hand-washing, general hygiene, and social distancing recommended practices. 

Use the bleach you have to disinfect contact surfaces instead. They can disarm viruses on a surface, but they do not promise the same ones the virus is inside your body.

Perhaps, you’ll have to disinfect your blood. haha.

Myths 5: only older people are at risk of being infected with COVID-19

The fact:

People of all ages can be infected with COVID-19. 

The old folks would have really felt under attack by this COVID-19 myth.

There has not been any scientific proof that SARS-COV2 and young people are old-time buddies. 

Even children can be infected. Though they’ll only show mild symptoms. 

an old man sitting on a chair-19-Top 7 COVID-19 myths

However, older people with preexisting health issues are susceptible to become critically ill when infected.

Do this instead

The old and the young should/must take similar precautionary measures of washing their hands, and preventing crowded places.

Myths 6: COVID-19 is just like the flu and common cold 

The fact:

The symptoms of  COVID-19, the flu, and cold are similar. 

So it won’t be surprising to assume you have a common cold or flu. When in fact you might be infected with SARS-COV2.

a person showing symptoms of COVID-19-19-Top 7 COVID-19 myths

Run a quick self-assessment test.

Do this instead:

If you’re having symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Do not assume it’s the common cold or the flu, or make any self-diagnosis.

The only way to know is a test. So first Isolate yourself, and reach out to your state hotline on how you can get tested.

Myths 7;  COVID-19 does not survive in hot climate/weather

The fact:

There is no scientific proof yet on the temperature profile COVID-19. 

Though diseases like the flu and common cold spread faster in wet seasons. The same cannot be concluded for COVID-10.

If you’re in a tropical climate. Your hot weather does not protect you against COVID-19.

Do this instead: 

Come spring or the dry season (depending on where you are) keep your hygiene intact. 


These are not all the myths spreading around. 

Some blogs count up to 22 COVID-19 myths. 

But we did the heavy work for you and picked just the 7 we think are the most deadly healthwise.

WHO has a full blog post on COVID-19 myths and the facts of them.

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